Water Conservation

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Our commitment to water conservation is evident across our diverse range of products. By incorporating advanced technologies and intelligent designs, Fluidra looks to educate pool owners on how they can conserve water for their pool as well as operational costs, and environmental impact. This focus on water conservation not only benefits individual users but also contributes to broader sustainability goals.

Sustainability Claims


Reduce water loss during filter maintenance up to 

1 %

Cartridge filters shine in water efficiency by eliminating the need for backwashing when compared to a traditional sand media filter. Instead of undergoing a backwash cycle, they can be easily cleaned using a standard garden hose, offering potential water savings of up to 90%.*

*Cartridge cleaning is estimated to take approximately 1.5 minutes per cartridge using a standard Australian garden faucet at a flow rate of 20 liters per minute (LPM). The average water requirement for soaking a cartridge is 50 liters per soak. Cartridge cleaning is scheduled to be performed once every two months, while the media filter backwashing is scheduled once every three months.


Solid pool covers reduce water loss from evaporation up to

1 %

Reference: #US EPA journal 2022 “Jump Into Pool Water Efficiency”

*When compared with a single speed pool pump.


Reduce water consumption during backwashing when compared to a traditional sand media filter*

*Glass media offers greater filtration efficiency owing to its uniform particle size and shape.  This characteristic enhances its effectiveness in trapping contaminants, while the smooth and spherical nature of glass media particles reduces the likelihood of clogging and fouling.

The ease with which glass media can be fluidized and backwashed translates into more effective cleaning cycles in filters, leading to improved filter performance and reduced downtime.  Additionally, its capacity to optimize the volume of filter media allows for a reduction in the frequency of necessary washes throughout the season.  This results in greater water savings compared to traditional sand media filters.

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